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What is Mckenzie Method

Mckenzie Method also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) was first developed by a Physiotherapist in New Zealand, Robin Mckenzie. Basically, its a system of assessment which involve repeated movements done by patients in a certain direction eventually leading to pain free movement in all direction.

A key feature of this method is emphasizing patient empowerment and self-treatment helping them understand the source of their pain. Classification of conditions are done not on anatomical basis rather on clinical presentation and the treatment aims to centralizing (moving the distal pain to proximal) the pain, with repeated movement in certain direction.

In simple terms Mckenzie Method consist of following stages:

1) Reduction: Finding correct direction of movement.

2) Maintenance of Reduction: Avoidance of aggravating postures/direction, regular repetition of prescribed exercise.

3) Recovery of Function: Ability to move in all direction pain free.

4) Prevention of Recurrence: Patient education and continuance of exercise program.

Here is a video where Robin is working on patients using MDT.

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