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Behind the scene: Patients Perspective.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Are you among those countless people who have recently undergone through a joint replacement surgery (such as but not limited to Total knee replacement or Total hip replacement) and have no idea what to do next once discharged from the hospital?

Trust me when I say this; "You are not alone". Usually in my day to day home visits I come across many such patients with similar story. They get discharged from the hospital after a successful operation but end up in lots of confusion and problem. They are handed with a piece of paper about things to do and a long waiting list for the next follow up session.

Once a patient is discharged they have no leads to professional resources to clarify their confusion. They might have a follow up appointment but that might be months down the road. Second alternative is going to an Emerg, but that is only when the pain is severe, which rarely happens. So patients are left hanging in abysmal pit of confusion and fear.

Our health care system is already going thorugh a lot and we dont want to overburden it. This is where I, and several other Registered Physiotherapist working in Home Visits sector comes in play.

I work with many such patients in their home, specially who are not able to visit clinics. After so many years of experience one thing is for certain, that is; the first visit is always full of querries. Things that they should be doing but no one instructed them OR Things they should start doing again as they stop due to fear.

Most of the time I can see 50% of the pain been healed just by answering these questiones and once they understand their situation better, its only the matter of time until they attain pre injury stage and get back to normal life.


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